bamboo FAQ's

Is bamboo really a renewable resource?
Cutting bamboo stalks actually promotes faster growth in the plant. Unlike hardwood trees, the bamboo stumps and young culms are left behind and can be harvested in the future. The plant is therefore not totally destroyed as in hardwood harvesting. Bamboo matures after 4 to 6 years, unlike hardwood that may take decades.
Bamboo flooring and heating?
Bamboo flooring is absolutely compatible with underfloor heating systems. Bamboo as a material is more stable than wood and will therefore expand/contract less under heating. Bear in mind that bamboo is a natural insulator and the heating is not immediately evident. The heating system needs to cover the entire area under the floor and needs to be capped at a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius.
What happens if I damage my bamboo floor?
It is inevitable that your floor will become damaged at some point. This is no different to solid timber, laminate or any other natural flooring. The type of damage will dictate the best course of action. Ecostrong provide a care kit that you can use to fix minor damage and scratches yourself. One of the great advantages of Ecostrong pre-finished floor is that damaged boards can be easily rectified. In most cases a great result is achieved by simply cutting out and replacing the damaged boards returning your floor to its original condition.

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