PAR-KY Friendly Floors

Hotel Korkyra, Croatia, Korcula Island
On average, 30% of the energy consumed during the production process comes from solar panels on their production sites. The remaining 70% they buy, is green electricity. Also, they heat the machines and buildings in winter with the wood waste from production.
Par-ky’s ambition is to be completely CO2 neutral by 2015.
They only use a thin 0,6 mm top layer of real wood. That way, they make use of our natural resources in a sustainable way. Just 1 tree yields 25 times more Par-ky veneer flooring than solid flooring.

Moreover, all the wood they use is sourced from sustainable forests. The origin is guaranteed by their ‘PURE WOOD’ charter, which is signed by each of our suppliers. So we can be certain their wood is indeed eco-friendly.

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